PPI Skin Illustrator Clear Gloss 8oz

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PPI Skin Illustrator Clear Gloss 8oz |  has many uses. It can be airbrushed or carefully hand painted on in very thin layers. It's great for thinning the pigment of other Skin Illustrator ink colors too! It's great to use over matte colors to create a more realistic life looking or bolder textured effect with a shiny surface finish.

It's the go-to product to produce that surrealistic "doll-like" plastic finish over your makeup creation, or for super high glam effects in a beauty makeup. It was created specifically for Jude Law's Character in the 2001 film "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence'.
Clear Gloss a great base coat for a wet or high shine super glossy surface to apply other makeups over. You can even mix into it highlight colors (such as golds, silvers, etc) to give the illusion of a more metallic look, or add in pearlesent effects.
It can also be thinned down with Skin Illustrator Activators which will make it less shiny and more like a waterproof sealing agent.

Depending on how many times you layer this product (or the number of airbrush passes) on skin will determine the results, from a satin gloss to a high gloss finish. Be sure to allow each layer to dry completely before adding another layer.


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