PPI Skin Illustrator Dark Fleshtone Palette

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PPI Skin Illustrator Dark Fleshtone Palette is another of the essential palettes for skin matching with prosthetics. Dark Flesh palette along with the FX and light Flesh Tone allow you to duplicate virtually any skin tone, no matter how light or dark.

The Bamboo 1 and 2 colors are warmer yellow base tones than the Lao 1 and 2, from the original complexions palette. Other warm base tones include Chocolate, Espresso 1 and 2, and Midnight Brown, the darkest of the base tones. Burnt Sienna, Golden Ochre and Red Oxide are all adjusting colours that alter the base tones . I mix Midnight Brown with the Black tone from the FX Palette, and get the deepest ebony tones but not ashy or grey. Coral Blue is a great cool adjuster on dark skins.

The Dark Flesh Tone colours are also great for defining hairlines and filling in scalp patches. The Coral Blue and Burnt Sienna are also fabulous for covering up beard shadow.

Also available in a smaller size - Skin Illustrator On Set Dark Flesh Tone Palette.

You can use Skin Illustrator Activator, Skin Illustrator Slow Activator, or 99% alcohol to activate the color pigment.

Remove using Telesis Super Solv, Pro Clean or Mouldlife Cosmetic Tonic.

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