WBCo - Soap Brows Orignal

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We're sure you've heard of it but in case you missed the brow sensation...Soap Brows is the Hollywood star-approved way to achieve your desired brow look.

This handy tin of soap can produce fluffy, feather-like, natural, or groomed brows with a long lasting finish in no time, a great way to keep your brows in shape.

Packed in a 25g Aluminum tin, it's the perfect size for on the go and comes in eco-friendly packaging too.

How to use:

Prep your brows by brushing them in the direction you wish them to stay in.

Use a mist or setting spray along with The Brow Brush or bamboo spoolie.

Use a brush to gather the soap until it becomes paste-like then coat your eyebrow hairs.

Leave for a minute or two, then go over with a brush to set the hairs in your desired way!



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Pickup available at 15 Alliance Road

Usually ready in 24 hours