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MAQPRO Make Up Mixer - Precious About Make-up

MAQPRO Make Up Mixer

MAQPRO Make Up Mixer | Precious About Makeup - This Make Up Mixer is famed for adding the ultimate natural glow to the skin. 1 product = 4 functions

 As a MOISTURIZER : It preps the skin before any pigmented products application and particularly with foundations made from natural waxes.
As a THINNER : mixed with foundations for example, it gives the product the exact coverage you want depending on how much is put in the mixture. The more mixer you put, the sheerer the make up will be, like a light veil of colour.
 As a MIXING MEDIUM : If you want to create a colour by mixing two or more existing colours, add a little make-up MIxer: the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. As a MAKE-UP REMOVER : it removes perfectly the makeup while rehydrating the skin.

It can be used to create a light reflective base and fixing agent for your foundation.
This is suitable for all skin types and colours.