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Ultra Wet - Precious About Make-up
Ultra Wet - Precious About Make-up

Ultra Wet

A thick gel that creates super smooth, wet-look effects on skin, hair, clothing, foam creatures and sets.
There are several different effects that you can get with either product. You can apply it in either a thick or thin layer. You can add water to thin it down. You can apply it directly to the skin or hair.

UltraWet contains glycerin to make it resistant to drying out, its sister product, UltraSweat Wet Look Stuff has the same formula except without the glycerin.

UltraWet Wet Look Stuff is the right product to use on foam models and sets. The glycerin tends to prevent it from drying out and damaging the foam model.

Glycerin, however, causes eye sting. So, UltraSweat Wet Look Stuff is preferred when there is any chance that it might get into an actor's eyes.

For close-ups, you can coat the skin with an oily substance, then spray a dilute solution of Ultra Wet on top of the oily substance to create a droplet effect.

Thin with water. Wipes off easily. Washes off with plain water. Water-based with glycerin added to inhibit drying. Non-toxic.