ADM Pros-Aide II

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ADM Pros-Aide II - Very similar in characteristics to the original but developed for easier removal as its less strong than 'The Original'.

 Specially formulated to be more gentle than Pros-Aide I Adhesive for sensitive skin while remaining extremely resistant to water, sweat and other moisture. Non-toxic, latex free, water-based bond that is safe on skin.

Less sticky - this is primarily used for flocking. 

There are 3 different types with very different qualities. The bottles look very similar and it's easy to accidentally pick up the wrong one. Please see this handy guide:

Prosaide - The Original 
Prosaide No Tack - less tacky, ideal for making pax paint.
Prosaide ll - easier to remove from the skin so breaks down a bit more easily.
Size: 16oz
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