Mark Traynor - The Face Lift

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Mark Traynor - The Face Lift

Temporary face lift that creates a more youthful appearance by lifting the eyes and smoothing the jawline, it provides a safe alternative to surgical methods.

The Face Lift includes a one-string system (two pieces), and two Invisitapes for a one-time application. If you would like to reuse your string system, please see our Invisitape Refill packs as the tapes are for one time use.

Comes in 2 colours depending what matches your hair colour more:

- Brown

- Beige

Many makeup artists use them to create dramatic beauty looks for fashion magazines and the runway. They're also a great choice for anyone who wants to look extra "pulled together" for a portrait or special event.

Face Strings, Neck Strings, and Invisitapes can be purchased individually or in a Face and Neck Lift Kit that has everything included.

Colours: Biege
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