Water-Melon Water Based Latex Alternative

Water-Melon Liquid is a latex alternative. Anything you do with latex you can do with Water-Melon. You can slush it, stipple it, foam it, gel it but the nice thing about Water-Melon is that whatever you make with it, be it appliance or bald cap or whatever, can be applied with alcohol! NO ADHESIVE. Water-Melon is available in Regular for bald caps or appliances that rise up off the skin like horns or ears, and Soft for flexible appliances. 

Water-Melon was developed as the first water based bald cap plastic but has become an ideal general alternative to latex. Water-Melon is superior to standard cap plastic in many ways. Thins with water. Edges dissolve with alcohol, not acetone and appliances made with Water-Melon apply with our Water-Melon Activator, 99% isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. No adhesive! Anything you do with latex you can do with Water-Melon. 

Water-Melon can be applied directly to the skin to make wrinkles  like liquid latex is used in make up and can be slushed into plaster molds to make cuts and scars like latex.  Water-Melon can be brushed, sponged, slushed, or sprayed. Water-melon is a great latex alternative for those with latex allergies. About 2 oz. can sponge one cap. No respirators needed. No haz. mat shipping needed. Can be tinted with our Water-Melon tints.