Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Lipstick Palette (7 Colour)

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Lipstick Palette (7 Colour)

The harmony no.1 features seven creamy lipsticks in both warm and cool shades of red, beige and rosewood. These essential colors gives the artist infinite combinations to create a large variety of custom shades. The range of color and the easy-glide texture makes this palette a must-have for every Makeup Artist.

The harmony n°2 is a composition of seven bold, exuberant shades such as purple, pink and orange, to perfectly complement the first palette and enable the artist to create exciting and modern looks. These show-stopping colors also offer spectacular long-wear and outstanding comfort.

Palettes composition:

Harmonie 1

C207 Fuschsia Pink - C209 Tender Pink - C211 Rose Wood - C107 Mocha Beige - C303 Orange Coral - C404 Passion Red - C407 Black Red

Harmonie 2

C505 Violet - C306 Pink Coral - C210 Petal Pink - C103 Nude Beige - C302 Beige Coral - C304 Orange - C405 Stage Red