PPI Skin Illustrator Complexion Palette

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The go-to Palette when applying prosthetics to the skin!

PPI Skin Illustrator Complexion Palette is the fifth addition to the Skin Illustrator line. The palette was created to give artists a wider range of red tones and adjusting colours which allow the fine tuning of an appliance makeup or to help blend the appliance with the natural skin tones.

The blue based reds can be used as-is, mixed together, intermixed with all Skin Illustrator colours. They can also be adjusted into warmer ranges by using the Light Sienna and Warm Ochre adjusters. Pastel Yellow is a highlighter as well as a lightening tone. RedRum is a blood-like tone with less orange than the FX Palettes Blood Tone colour. This allows the artist to put a blood-like flush in the face and body that can be colored to a variety of complexions. Cool Tone as well as favorites like DT Blush, round out a collection of colours that will make matching blush tones a breeze. Cool ton is also a great adjuster if too warm.

The Complexion Palette is an excellent way to fine tune your makeups a definite must for your makeup kit! These colors are ideal for beauty, character and special effects make-up. All the Complexion Palette colors are available in liquids for airbrushing and concentrates to refill your palette. You can also purchase a smaller on set palette

You can use Skin Illustrator Activator or 99% alcohol to activate the color pigment.

Remove using Telesis Super Solv, Pro Clean or Mouldlife Cosmetic Tonic.

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