Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive Range

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Check out Telesis 9 - made to be similar to the Telesis 5 Silicone.


Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive Range the original of the telesis glues. Life was simpler when there was only one telesis glue.

Use with the thinner, this glue gives a strong hold, and is widely used in the film industry.

This glue dries quickly so is generally used with the thinner. Perfect to use with latex and silicone pieces and works well when applying around nose, mouth and eyes.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TELESIS 5 AND 8 ? Telesis 5 the original - quicker working time. Telesis 8 stronger but slower to dry. Comes in three forms.. normal fast and slow.

Telesis adhesives and Thinners have proven to be both safe and highly effective in the medical, makeup and cosmetic industries. All products have been tested by independent labs for dermal irritation and inhalation levels and they do not contain any known carcinogens reproductive toxins or cyto-toxins.

NOTE: Use this with Telesis 5 thinner to make it an easy consistency to work with.

Pro tip : Good for extra strength under bald caps!

Size: 4fl. oz (118ml)
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