Starter Palette Kit - The 'Ten' Series

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With so many different foundations, powder or lip palettes available, it can be difficult to choose the most economical selection for your first kit. This list offers the best mix of colours that can be used on a wide variety of skin tones.

PAM Directors and makeup artists Kate Benton and Rachel Lennon have collaborated to bring you this collection of the top ten most useful products and tools to start out within the industry. With more than 50 years of experience between them, this list represents the best of the best, with input from artists such as Cheryl Mitchell (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Ghosts), Shaunna Harrison (Vanity Fair, World War Z) and Daniel Phillips (No Time To Die, A Very English Scandal). Each one will come in one of our famous PAM Pouches.


Included in your kit: 

BEN NYE PRESSED POWDER PALETTE – BELLA ( LIGHT) – pressed powder palette. Caucasian skin tones, covering every skin tone. Fine milled.

BEN NYE PRESSED POWDER PALETTE – MOJAVE (DARK) – pressed powder palette. Olive/dark skin tones. Fine milled – having both these palettes you will be covered on set for skin tones.

MAQPRO NEUTRAL LIP PALETTE - The classic colours for lips but also can be used for cheeks.

MAQPRO SHAUNA HARRISON CORRECTIVE PALETTE - Useful for everything from tattoo cover, blemish cover, and under-eye cover (NB the gold used to correct under-eye dark circles on yellow-toned skin is perfect – see PAM Tuesday tip by Shauna)

CHERYL MITCHELL DIRT GRIME AND GUYLINER PALETTE -  The industry standard for dirtying down. No MUA is without this in their kit. NB. Can be thinned with IPA.

TRIPLE MASQUE – water-activated, can be used for whitening hair, eyeliner, darkening hair, flicking… Anything you can think of!

PAM REALLY USEFUL PALETTE – PPI alcohol-activated palette. Researched with many MUA s to find the ten most useful colours in one palette -

PAM REALLY USEFUL HAIR PALETTE – PPI alcohol-activated palette. Flat browns and a metallic silver included – greying hair, darkening hair, defining eyebrows all can be done with this essential palette.

Daniel Phillips Basic Base Box Designed by Daniel Phillips- BAFTA nominee for achievement in makeup and hairstyling.  This is great for most men as a standard base coat.

Bdellium 7 Piece Brush Set - Really useful (keyword with this set) brushes. Great quality and with the essential brushes you need for your kit.

Comes in a free clear PAM Pouch.

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