Vampire Temporary Tattoo Set 2

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Vampire Temporary Tattoo Set 2

One of two temporary tattoo sets designed with Vampires in mind, to help you get as close as possible to feeling like Lestat or Vlad the Impaler. 
Stakes, crosses, garlic and holy water, the essentials of any self respecting vampire slayer's kit. 
This temporary tattoo set contains vampire bites and burnt cross skin mark, just enough to get your vampire saga going.

We'll leave the placement to your imagination and just suggest neck and chest as obvious and classic choices for these kinds of marks. 

Couple it with pale face and a costume to die for and you're all set for Halloween, or any other night you might feel inspired to channel that Gary Oldman's performance in Dracula. 

Vampire special effects tattoo set contains x3 different vampire bites and
one burnt cross transfer. 
Tattoo Paper Size: design size: cross 7 x 4 cm, large wound 3,5 x 3 cm, small wound 2 x 2cm(A6)


-Realistic temporary tattoo transfer!
-Easy to apply!
-Special non-sharp finish for better and more realistic look!
-Looks like a real tattoo when applied!
-Used by professional make-up artists
 in film, fashion, music, theater and TV industry!
-Great for fun, events, celebrations, cosplay!
-Recreate yourself for a day with our tattoos!

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