Hand Laid Beard and Pre-Made Beard Course with Roberto Pastore Roberto

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This course is specifically designed for pro and junior makeup artists and workshop hair technician, who wish to learn or improve their skills when working with facial hair and creating realistic beard designs. Mastering these techniques will give the artist the ability to design wide range of looks: creating period characters, highlighting the ethnic origins, defining the progression and the evolution of a character distinguishing different ages, moods, fashion trends, religion beliefs and son on. Mastering this subject will provide the artist with the skills required to execute facial hair work such as: beards, moustaches, sideburns, eyebrows, generic or fantasy design directly on the actors skin or creating pre-made pieces on Baldiez for generic or custom appliances that work perfectly on prosthetics.

The course will last 4 days, divided into 4 training modules of 8 hours. Each training module consists of two parts: Introduction and demonstration of the topic, hands-on practice.


Course Dates: 28th of may and finishes on the 31st (4 days total)
Location: Precious About Makeup, 15 Alliance Court, Alliance Road, London W3 0RB


“ Roberto Pastore is a Makeup and Prosthetic Artist and Designer with over 20 years of experience in the Cinema and TV Industry. His career includes projects like 'Supersex,' ‘Romulus Saga,' 'The First King,'  'On My Skin,’ and My Body Will Burry You… Known also for his expertise in hand laying facial hair, Roberto's meticulous attention to detail has been fundamental in creating captivating character designs. He excels in applying facial hair to achieve realistic and organic looks, consistently rising to the challenge of bringing characters to life on screen.”

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