Pigs Might Fly Washable Blood - Standard

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Pigs Might Fly Standard Washable Blood theatrical blood is an ultra-realistic, fully washable, non-staining running blood, developed by multi-award winning special effects make-up artist, Nick Dudman. With over thirty five years experience in the industry Nick has worked as designer / supervisor on a huge range of successful motion pictures, including the entire Harry Potter series.

Nick found that in the course of his work he would regularly be asked by Special Effects teams to provide them with realistic fake blood. Nick needed a blood which would satisfy his exacting requirements so, as a keen meddler with lotions and potions and with numerous make-up effects jobs coming his way, he made up his own supplies for his work and it wasn't long before other make-up artists were asking him to supply them also. The washability of this ""blood"" was the key to it's success - other bloods on the market were notorious for staining, a costly problem on costumes, wigs and unprotected skin.

Nicks Blood has so long been the popular choice of wardrobe, wig and props teams, due to the ease of washing it away from floors, furnishings and fabrics. The blood has also been used extensively by TV make-up artists, for both crime thrillers and hospital dramas."

Size: 50ml
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