PPI Skin Illustrator Character Contours On Set Palette

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PPI Skin Illustrator Character Contours On Set Palette: perfect for ageing makeups and any makeup requiring a more delicate painting approach or natural subtle character looks.

The 10 brand new colours more in the neutral & taupe ranges use the translucent washes formula, as opposed to the original Skin Illustrator formula.

Created for makeup artist Bill Corso - Although the colours are not as opaque as those traditionally found in the Skin Illustrator palettes, they still maintain the same long lasting staying power.

To be applied with a brush, sponge or mascara wand. Use 99% alcohol like Skin Illustrator Activator or Slow Activator.
The Colours: Dark Purple Taupe, Purple Taupe, Taupe, Golden Taupe, Warm Taupe, Mauve Taupe, Rose Taupe, Cool Taupe, Olive Taupe, Grey Taupe
For safe and gentle removal, use Telesis Super Solv
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