Wolf Paws Temporary Tattoo

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Wolf paw design tattoos usually signify the strength and potential of the person wearing it. Paw prints are frequently tattooed on an arm to demonstrate that a wearer has been 'touched' by the wolf and that the animal passed on its internal strength to a person.
Like so many tattoo designs inspired by the sacred animals, this one is used to invite that unique spirit of freedom and serve as a testimony of strength.

This top quality temporary tattoo is here to help you achieve that without the burden of having this design inked on your skin forever.

You can easily combine this tattoo design however you want and apply it in whole on your back or upper arm, just use pairs on your leg or make it cute with just a single paw on your neck or wrist. 

However you choose to play around with the design, you cannot make a mistake but only discover new and cool ways to use it.  

Wolf Paws Tattoo design size: 14 x 8 cm (A6L) AN04

-Realistic temporary tattoo transfer!
-Easy to apply!
-Special non-sharp finish for better and more realistic look!
-Looks like a real tattoo when applied!
-Used by professional make-up artists
 in film, fashion, music, theater and TV industry!
-Great for fun, events, celebrations, cosplay!
-Recreate yourself for a day with our tattoos!

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