New Release Black HULKEN

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Introducing Our Brand New Release Hulken Bags just in time for Summer 2023!
Our ever popular zip- up trolley bag now includes an attached zip up lid! Perfect to protect your goods whilst keeping it easily accessible.
Not only do our new Hulkens have a combined cover, they also have a new improved and reinforced wheel and base, to keep it sturdier and stronger than ever!
- Built in cover with a zipper
- Folds flat for easy storage
- Unbreakable handles
- Side handles length: 14”
- The bag is made of Polypropylene
- The bottom board is extruded from recycled material
Available in 3 sizes -
Our Small size remains open without a cover so great for easy access)
14” X 8” X 19” (2.2 lb)
4 Wheels, 2 Handles
Capacity: 1 full grocery bags

16” X 12” X 20” (2.8 lb)
4 Wheels, 3 Handles
Capacity: 2-3 full grocery bags

20” X 16” X 24” (4 lb)
5 Wheels, 3 Handles
Capacity: 5-6 full grocery bags
Size: Large
Sizing guide

Pickup available at 15 Alliance Road

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