Old Scars Temporary Tattoo Set 1

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Look tough and have the scars to prove it, all without a bar fight and the visit to the ER after, in your medical records.
With this old scars temporary tattoo pro-sheet, you can fake the tough guy look and keep your skin, flesh, and dignity intact. 
Pick the places on your skin for the scars after that passionate fight with your lover, that time when you fought off 5 ninjas all by yourself in that dark alley,
or maybe that one time when Chuck Norris just wouldn't take no for an answer and you had to teach him a lesson. 
These fake old realistic scars will corroborate any story you tell, at least for a few days;)

Temporary tattoo set contains 14 realistic old scars.
Used by make-up professionals!

Tattoo design size: 2,5 cm (A5)FX05

-Realistic temporary tattoo transfer!
-Easy to apply!
-Special non-sharp finish for a better and more realistic look!
-Looks like a real tattoo when applied!
-Used by professional make-up artists
 in film, fashion, music, theater, and TV industry!
-Great for fun, events, celebrations, cosplay!
-Recreate yourself for a day with our tattoos!

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