Pigs Might Fly Non-Beading Dark Washable Blood

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Based on the original formulation of Nick Dudman’s Dark washable blood, this ‘silicone-friendly’ blood has been produced by Pigs Might Fly South to satisfy the requirement for an ultra-realistic, non-staining blood that can be used on silicone or gelatine prosthetics without causing a beading, or droplet, effect.

This Dark version replicates aged, venous, or de-oxygenated, blood. The viscosity can be affected by temperature, which provides makeup artists and props teams the opportunity to alter the flow rate to suit requirements, whilst leaving the non-staining characteristics unaffected.

It is suitable for all skin types, is fully compliant with UK & EU Cosmetic Regulations and will wash away from skin, costumes etc with warm water. It contains no animal-based ingredients in its formulation and can be used with all film cameras including latest high-definition equipment.

Size: 250ml
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