PPI Skin Illustrator Bald Cap Palette- By Adrian Rigby

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"With applying  a few bald caps over the last few years, I guess I was frustrated at having to have quite a few Illustrator palettes out on my station.
I always use alcohol colours on top of my PAX base layers to do breakup and final details.
I wanted to make my station tidier but more importantly for me, I was looking to have maybe just one palette I could use.
I put together my own palette from Skin Illustrator concentrates with the colours I predominantly use, but then after chatting to a few makeup artists, I thought maybe it might be possible  to have one made - so I contacted PPI and we went from there.
Hopefully others will find it as useful as me. And of course, the selection of colours I chose, make the palette flexible so it can be used in lots of other makeups.
It also has a couple new colours from the PPI range." Adrian Rigby
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