Kryolan Tuplast (ART.2599)

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Tuplast - 15 ml is a product developed for make-up artists for creation of especially realistic scars and other skin anomalies. Tuplast is based on a synthetic material that is also used in dental practice. Tuplast is applied directly from the tube. Appropriately on Fish Skin (Art. 06599) as a base.

If still tacky it can be easily reshaped using a spatula. After the product has dried, the scar is waterproof and can be peeled off to remove. Supracolor and Dermacolor are especially well suited and effective for making up Tuplast creations. Since Tuplast contains a strong component of acetone, be especially careful when using it near mucous membranes and eyes.

It is recommended to apply Marly Skin - Skin Protection Foam (Art. 01696) before starting to work with Tuplast.

*Worth noting for this product is for immediate use only as this product has a short shelf life - check expiry date for more details*

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