W.M. Creations Old Age Stipple

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The most widely used stipple in the industry. Clean skin with alcohol for maximum adhesion. Decant stipple into a small container and heat in microwave for 2 seconds. Be careful not to overheat as material will coagulate. Stretch skin and stipple area with a light coat of desired old age stipple, powder and release. Castor oil makeup base or Stacolors may be used as translucent washes over or under stipples for a natural look. A wash of castor oil and 70% alcohol may be used to remove the powdery look of latex over the stretched and stippled areas. Stipples are all a light skin tone. To remove, massage any liquid hand soap into stippled area and let soak for at least one minute. Apply a wet towel to area for one minute and repeat process. Stipple will roll off the skin. Each jar provides 2 oz. of product.

A -light wrinkling effect when applied to unstretched skin. Used when performer is in a perspiration-free environment.

B -Heavier wrinkling effect even if the skin is not stretched. Perspiration resistant under normal use. Most popular stipple.

C -Heaviest wrinkling effect possible. Great for use on hands.

Crusty -Gives the illusion of deeply weathered skin. Great for use on hands. For maximum adhesion apply a thin layer of Pros-Aide or Beta Bond before stippling on hands.

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