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Precious About Make-up
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The life of a Make-up Artist

The life of a Make-up Artist

Working as a makeup artist is challenging but also very rewarding. It may seem like a minefield to get into the industry while you’re studying but there are so many fantastic opportunities available to trainees at the moment and it’s worth every bit of effort to get into the industry! When I first started out, I never imagined the places I’d get to see or how much time I’d spend with colleagues that become like family.



However, I also didn’t realise how much time would be spent on the motorway, or the amount of mud I’d have to wade through on location! 

I have just finished a 3 month shoot in freezing cold Scotland on a film that had a lot of wigs for picture doubles. This is something I hadn’t done before and added a new meaning to continuity; as we were creating a look sometimes 3 times over, on different wigs to be worn by different artists. Which when cut together will all be the same person. This job was such a fantastic opportunity to learn about all the post-production involved in creating something so heavily reliant on VFX. I’m doing now dailies on two shows one in Liverpool and the other in London; commuting from Leeds and spending most mornings in traffic and the nights in different ‘hotels’. That said, doing this job, really does make you appreciate a good hotel! These two jobs are both set around the 70’s, so it has been fantastic to practice period hairstyling after being in lockdown, and I was definitely very rusty!

Aside from the banalities of traffic and motorway services food, working as a daily is a fantastic way to network with all sorts of people and have a good old look through peoples set bags to see what else I need to add to my PAM list! Whether its brushes, bloods or battery packs, theres always something new to try. One absolute desert island product is the MaqPro Grande palette. If I have one of those in my set bag, I feel like I can get myself out of most problems. Whether it be tattoo coverage, bruising or beauty makeup- these palettes can do it all. They can be used straight or can be diluted with IPA (or Jao in a pickle) to create a wash of colour or be flicked. When diluted, MaqPro has the illusion of sitting under the skin, perfect for bruising or swelling. I never go to set without my Grande palette!

MaqPro Grande Palette 3 - 36 colours

As a final note, aside from products and traffic, one thing I have learnt so far in this job is the importance of health. Both physical and mental- it is so easy to over stretch yourself when you first start out in this industry. But it’s so important to rest between jobs and make sure you sleep well before driving long distances. After all, you can’t give 100% to a job when you’re only feeling 50%!





Kate Benton 




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