New Year, New You

Lord and Berry New Hi-Def Mascara- what makes it a really good mascara? The ultra-thin brush means you can get right down to the roots for that full-bodied look. Remember to slightly wiggle horizontally when you get to the roots to get the mascara all the way down. 

Layrite- Since 1999 the go-to hair product in the film industry, try it and you’ll see why. A small specialised range with great simple packaging.

PAM Mini Puffs- When you are making up an artist this hooks on your little finger to help with that tricky eyeliner. 

WIVV Titanium Electric Tongs- The super amazing electric hair beard tong. Tuesday tip soon to come but buy now while stocks last.

Our New Checks Bag- Large or small this was one of our best sellers last year and I think it deserves a place on the list of exciting products for 2019. Now altered to include zip pockets either side for added convenience, perfect for quick access to your brushes and puffs.

 Makeup Eraser- One of my absolute favourites, Eco-friendly so you want to start the year right. We can’t get enough of it here but if you need further proof check out this review in Cosmopolitan.